• Image of Tube & Tool Rocket Pocket ($58 USD)
  • Image of Tube & Tool Rocket Pocket ($58 USD)
  • Image of Tube & Tool Rocket Pocket ($58 USD)
  • Image of Tube & Tool Rocket Pocket ($58 USD)
  • Image of Tube & Tool Rocket Pocket ($58 USD)

The T&T Rocket Pocket is a tidy, little, action-packed tool carrier designed for minimal carrying and ultimate function with familiar VéloColour quality and style.
The Rocket Pocket starts with its compact size suited to carry your bike riding basics, one road inner tube, a pair of slim tire levers and your favourite multi-tool.

Next we stepped it up with added features. What is the number one item you want out of your saddle bag? Without fail every group ride starts with someone looking for a multi-tool to make a quick adjustment. We designed the Rocket Pocket with this in mind. Your tube and levers are held firmly with an elastic strap to the upper side of the bag while your multi-tool sits ready for use next to the 'hinged' zippered panel on the tire side. The smooth, X-Pac constructed pocket acts a divider between the two sides and allows the tool to easily slide out and back in to the pocket even while the bag is tightly strapped in place. The divider pocket is great for small stuff like a patch kit or maybe a $20 bill for when you forget your cards at home.

We’ve constructed the bag in two halves. The saddle side is built with a soft foam pad topped with super tough 1000D Cordura for ultimate abrasion resistance and light fastness. Flip the Pocket over and you'll see the tire side constructed using X-Pac for easy cleaning with better water and mud shedding.

A full-length matte, water-proof zipper ties the two halves together and allows the pocket to fully open for easy access and packing.

Mounting the Rocket Pocket is done easily with an incredibly strong polyurethane strap. It’s the same strap we use for all of our bags because they’re easy to use, hold tight and won’t fail or clog with mud.

If you’re looking for a really well designed bag with great style, you’re gonna love the *Made in Canada Tube and Tool Rocket Pocket.

1000D Cordura, X-Pac VX21 and Polyurethane/Nylon Strap
-All fabrics are produced in North America

•Hinged (Tire side) allows for access while on the bike
•Pocket Divider prevents multi tool from rubbing on tubes and provides a small pocket for money and patch kit
•Lightweight and super durable
•Supplied with a tension fit Polyurethane strap for solid mounting to the saddle. It's also made in N.America.

Packing Tips and Mounting:
•Pull strap tight for mounting, We always say go one hole past what you think is tight.
•Orient the strap as directed. Tuck the loose end through the loop
•Packed right (Up to a 28mm tube) some of you may also fit a C02 though this bag should never be over stuffed.

Wipe or hose off if dirty; don’t launder.

The Fully Loaded T&T Rocket Pocket:
We've picked a few of our favourite tools to load up your bag.
Silca's Tire Lever Premio are a well designed slim lever with lots of strength and leverage.
Lezyne's SV series stainless multi tools with aluminum side plates are a fantastic tool made to last.
Small - SV-7 for minimal carrying with all the standard tools for regular fixes
Large - SV-11 adds a few extra small and large keys along with a chain breaker for when you're in the dumps.

*As well as being the best saddle bag you can own, the T&T Rocket Pocket is 100% sewn in our Toronto shop using 95% North American produced materials.