• Image of Tube & Tool Dynamite Roll ($54 USD)
  • Image of Tube & Tool Dynamite Roll ($54 USD)
  • Image of Tube & Tool Dynamite Roll ($54 USD)
  • Image of Tube & Tool Dynamite Roll ($54 USD)
  • Image of Tube & Tool Dynamite Roll ($54 USD)

The T&T Dynamite Roll is an innovative re-imagining of the familiar tool roll. Form follows function here where multiple pockets have been reduced to a single, divided pocket. The new configuration is focused on increased user friendliness and less bulk while creating a rigid and more compact package.

Why does everyone agree that it’s the best tool roll they have ever owned? It’s because we stress over the details. The function and design have been tested and retested until we are completely satisfied that it is the perfect tool.

The Dynamite Roll’s design offers a wide range of carrying options. Packed sparingly it rolls small though it has the ability to expand to fit a 35mm tube with a multi-tool, tire levers and a CO2.

As well as being the best tool roll you can own, the T&T Dynamite Roll is 100% sewn in our Toronto shop using 95% North American produced materials.

It won’t make you faster, it won’t increase your watts or transport you to the Dolomites but it will make carrying what you need for a roadside fix that much simpler. It’s a super durable and secure bag that looks equally at home on the back of 1960’s vintage classic as it does on your custom titanium dream bike or 2018 team race bike.

500D Cordura, Maharam Vinyl, Velcro, X-Pac VX21 and Polyurethane/Nylon Strap


•A single pocket allows for easy loading and rolling
•Pocket Divider prevents sharp tools from rubbing on tubes
•Lightweight and super durable
•The Velcro tab keeps the bag tightly wrapped when it's off the bike
•Supplied with a tension fit Polyurethane strap for solid mounting to the saddle. It's also made in N.America.

Packing Tips and Mounting:

•Protect tube from tools using the pocket divider to separate. Insert vertically, not horizontally.
•Keep small flat items in the Velcro pocket. Avoid putting your CO2 valve in there.
•Fold over flap 1 then flap 2, see diagram
•Orient the strap as directed. Tuck the loose end through the loop

Wipe or hose off if dirty; don’t launder.